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SEWT injection molding machine


SEWT Series is capable to load bigger molds with more cavities because of wider platen design.

  • 高速度、高产出、低生产成本
  • 低不良率
  • 锁模力监测装置与超吨数保护机制
  • 适合刀叉匙、瓶盖、微波容器、模内贴标包材、抛弃式轻量化篮与超薄花盆生产

关于 SEW

SEW 机器特色


  • 支柱应力形变降低20~25% 增加耐用度
  • 曲肘面压降低20~40%提高强度以增加曲肘寿命
  • 强化曲肘布司及轴心可降低磨耗增加使用寿命
  • 模板重新设计以降低模板变形量约25%并使模具受力均匀
  • 模板加宽及模厚加大增加容模量达20~25% 可灵活使用各种模具
  • 320~530TON机种加大开模行程


  • 独立油压导引控制系统
  • 曲肘自动定量容积式润滑
  • 采低噪音高效率帮浦与压力比例油压系统以提高成型精度与稳定度


  • 采用欧洲知名品牌变频器
  • 采齿轮帮浦以达高响应, 低噪音且易于维护
  • 速度闭回路控制实现良好精密度与稳定度
  • 内建直流电抗与RFI滤波器避免干扰

SEW 优点

Design For Precision Molding

  • Fast response, user friendly controller

    Our powerful controller can run multiple tasks under high operation speed. With friendly interface, user can set the parameters and monitoring production easily.

  • Sensitive hydraulic circuit

    We install Vickers, Tokimec, Yuken valves on machines. The unique hydraulic design reduces 20% dry cycle time.

  • Precision injection cusion

    With sensitive hydraulic design and fast response servo motor, we can control the injection cusion precisely and maintain exact product shot weight.

  • Advanced electrical protection

    Unstable voltage might damage Controller and electronic parts. We install upgraded inverter to drive the system and equip CT, MCB and fuse to avoid any damage from unstable current.

Flexible of Production

The innovation of mold technology improving constantly in decade. With the new valve gate and hot runner design, the required clamping tonnage reduced. It means the same mold can run on the smaller tonnage machine. However, due to the mold loading capacity, customer needs to load the mold on the big machine. The machine is over spec of production.<br />SEW has wide platen design that increases 30% mold loading capacity. The same mold can run on the smaller machine. Customer can also run the same tonnage machine with more cavity. The production is more flexible. There are several advantages of our wide platen machine.

  • High Ouput

    The dry cycle of smaller tonnage machine is faster.
    The output will increase.

  • Low power consumption

    Smaller machine has lower running cost. And saving is earning.

  • Less investment

    Buying a smaller machine instead the big one, the budget will be less.

  • Shorter payback period

    Lower investment and running cost can make the higher output. It is absolutely a good solution for customer.

Low Running Cost

  • High efficiency servo drive

    Servo motor works with inverter, the power consumption can save 30 to 70% compare to traditional motor.

  • Electric charging system

    Charging by electric motor has high efficiency. Compare to hydra motor, electric charging system can save another 20% power consumption.

Customized features

  • Injection sequencial control (mold with valve gates)
  • Fly core/eject
  • Fly charging
  • Electric charging system
  • Bi-metallic screw and barrel for engineering material
  • Unscrew device

SEW 项目应用


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  • +886-2-25954867
  • +886-2-25932358
  • 台北市中山区中山北路3段30号11楼之3


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