How much you can save? -- Electrical charging system on PET Preform production.

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How much you can save? -- Electrical charging system on PET Preform production.

The main criteria to select suitable injection molding machine :
1.    Power consumption, a part of your running cost
2.    Cycle time, meaning productivity
The two factors would be critical to your ROI, and it would be the main focus.

Considering PET production, would be more emphasized on the productivity and running cost.  So we’d like to share below case which is the solution we delivered to our client.

Case study on power saving
0.2kwh/kg, Low power consumption on 420PETW machine for 25g preform production
Item: 25g preform (2925 neck)
Cavity of Mold: 48 cav
Cycle time: 25 sec
Machine: 420PETW machine equipped
1.    Servo motor power saving system
2.    Electric charging system

The power consumption of our machine is close to the all-electric machine.  This case study proves the power efficiency of Jon Wai machine is excellent.  Low power consumption reduces the running cost.  It is helpful to maintain the margin of production and make our customer success.

What could be the NEXT?  Running same 48 cav mold on 280 tons machine!!!

With wide platen design, the mold loading capacity is increased more than 30%.  As the clamping force is not an issue of preform production, now the customer can run the same 48 cav mold on 280PETW easily.

Besides the output is higher, the power consumption of the small tonnage machine is also less.  Most important is the investment of the machine, no doubt, customer can use the less budget to get the highest output with lower running cost