Thin wall food packaging system

Thin wall food packaging system

Material saving :
With 550mm/sec injecton speed, product weight reduces about 7% compare to same mold produce on non-ACC machine.


Deliver Quality :
Our machine shape the product by high injection speed, but not injeciton pressure.  Product quality is prefect without the deformation issue.  And the suitable injection unit gives the precise shot wehgit control with well controlled product weight constancy.


High productivity :
High efficient 5-points toggle design, the mold/open closing speed is fast.  Fly core/eject funciton reduce the cycle time.


Low Rejection Rate of IML Products :
For IML system, our unique clamping unit design, the position variation of mold opening is less than 1mm.  The rejection rate of our system is less 3%.


System Integration Capability :
Not only injection molding machine.  Mold, robot, accessories even the IML label decide the cycle time and rejection rate.  We have capability to integrate whole system in customer's factory to maximum the production output with low rejection rate.